Saturday, April 6, 2013

I Have Thus Far Survived Grad School

Hi! I’m back.

Yeah, so…haven’t updated this since October. Fortunately, I use Facebook more often than Joss Whedon kills a beloved character, so all my family and friends know that I have thus far survived graduate school. Otherwise, you’d probably think I quit grad school in October.

Not that I didn’t consider that…repeatedly…
heh. heh. jk...

But yes, I have survived! Yay! So far, anyways. We still have three weeks left of classes and papers and projects. Odin knows if I’ll survive that far.
Is that a "no", Odin? Aww...

Like most student affairs graduate students, I’ve been reflecting a lot. It’s kind of our thing, after all. There are a lot of ideas and thoughts floating through my head, so I thought I’d start blogging again in order to work these ideas out.

Future blog posts will likely feature subjects such as “Why Everyone Wants to Quit During the First Semester of Graduate School and Hates Their Life” as well as ponderings about social media in student affairs, issues of diversity, “What Student Affairs Curriculum Needs to Include (Hint: More Business, More Mental/Behavioral Health Training)”, and more.


So look for my updates! They may be entertaining, thoughtful, informative, or at least something better than reading about the history of colonial colleges.

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